“Thank you Erik for always being positive and helping all who enter your doors”

    I met Erik after seeing an ad in the Fort Worth Star Telegram about Camp Kettlebell and Brown Fitness. My husband Gary called and set up an appointment. The process was quick and easy. I was surprised that I could barely finish the warm up with you! I had recently lost 50 pounds with a weight loss program that only focused on diet and was ready for some physical exercise to help me tone and get in better shape. We clicked on the Brown Fitness website, and after seeing the video of the “normal” women who were enrolled in the program as opposed to the typical hard bodies, my interest was peaked! I have always been of the mentality that I needed to lose weight and get in shape before I could show my face in a gym!!!! At first I was nervous and afraid that I could not keep up, almost to the point of not joining! I was very happy to find that the class was easily self paced while still pushing you to be the best that you can be! Since starting Brown Fitness in April, in only four months I have have lost an additional 50 pounds and 18.5 inches. I’ve gained stamina and everyday activities are easier than before!

    Before I started eating better and joining Brown Fitness, I could not walk form my car into work without losing my breath. I was taking the elevator because I could not make it up the single flight of stairs without huffing and puffing and it was very embarrassing. I did not want to attend any social events or go anywhere as I was afraid I could not keep up and it was a physical strain on my body to walk. After losing 100 pounds I am feeling much better! For instance, the stairs at work are not a problem any longer and I am not winded, I can actually bounce, YES, I said bounce up the stairs! I am more physically active and as I stated in a text to you from our recent trip where I was hiking and climbing through rock formations… I often turn to my husband or son and say, after performing a task that would have been very difficult or impossible before, “THANK YOU KETTLEBELLS!!!” Thank you Erik for always being positive and helping all who enter your doors to be the best that they can be …if they want it!!!



    Shelley Cooper
    Fort Worth, TX