“My strength and flexibility have improved greatly”

    I first discovered this Fort Worth boot camp when my Co-worker and good friend invited me to join this great class with Erik at Brown Fitness. I am a very active individual, working out is my hobby and I pursue it with passion and dedication. I am athletic and strong, but feel that I still need to work in some areas of my body! My goal is to have the best definition ever…..i want rock abs:) The class is kinda out of my way, but after joining, and seeing firsthand what all the rave was about, I am more than willing to drive those extra 10 miles! It only took one class for me to really like it. The group is just fantastic, everybody has a great attitude. We all have different goals, and are in a different fitness level, but once the class starts everybody works hard, there’s not other way. My strength and flexibility have improved greatly only after a few classes! I love to be around motivated people. Erik’s performance and training skills are the best I’ve been around in the Fort Worth area. Even though it is a group class, he pays attention of everybody’s performance. He makes adjustments if he needs to and challenges you as well. Is so much fun to work with Erik, he brings out the best in you!”



    Dora Ramirez
    Fort Worth, TX